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Quality education, beyond classrooms

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Low income parents often refrain children from going to school. Hence, the child is forced to do labor, at a very young age. This could be  at construction sites , hotels, stone quarries etc. Going to a mainstream school is often an unattainable dream for these children. In 2009 Lovedale has set up a learning center with 80 children from rural communities. The school has been named as Banyan School ,exclusively for poor children. 

Banyan  School has been a benchmark program of Lovedale foundation encouraging education for marginalized children. The School was conceived with the idea to promote integrated development of children in need and distress  by increasing their opportunities for quality education and offering supportive services at community level to ensure over-all growth of target children


Total number of children  350

Grade                           KG - 10th

Medium of Instruction      English

Teacher student ratio       1:15

Recognition                    Karnataka State Board

The school provide the children with a safe and supportive environment along with mid day meal and additional Nutrition support. Over the last decade Banyan school has supported thousands of children from marginalized communities.

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Empower Growth

PS: The school does not collect any fees or donations, but we have levied the parents Rs.500 for them to inculcate a responsibility towards their child's education and regular attendance in school.

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